15.12.2018: Nikolaus Party

15.12.2018: Nikolaus Party


What Santa Claus has so much in the bag? Surely only the Santa Claus woman knows that, and we really do not care, because that’s his professional secret. What we really care about are the surprises we have planned for you to Nicholas. The most important of which we do not keep long behind the mountain or beard, but tell you now, what to Nicholas on Saturday, 15.12. Nice at the start is here in Monte Carlo.

Definitely classified in the category of desirable things is Katy Rose, who has more beautiful buds than a winter flower and is more star than any Christmas star. On the stage, she lets all overpowering heat prevail, which lets snowmen melt away in seconds for her and also bring everyone else in the room in horny transpiration. Of course, for sunny feelings among our male guests, there are also numerous female visitors who will throw themselves in Christmas bowl for you and present their seductive X-Mas costumes, which – just like the Christmas gift that each participant gets – just waiting to be unpacked by you!

It is winter time, the big party is just around the corner, so we do not let Nicholas lump us, to give you a perfect party experience. In our opinion, this also includes a good service, which we squeeze you in the form of a delicious Christmas buffet and a welcome mulled wine reception to the taste buds. Speaking of pressing: You should do that, and not only with the girls (18+), but also with your fingers crossed, because there is again a great Christmas raffle *, at which you after redeeming the day ticket in the amount of only 45 euros automatically taking part!

Understandably, VIP and free passes are not valid on the day of the event, but can be used before and after as usual.

Do not miss that – we look forward to seeing you!
Your team of Monte Carlo

* Tombolage winnings:
1st place: 3 New Year’s Eve tickets for Flamingo Island
2nd place: 2 New Year’s Eve tickets for Pirates Park
3rd place: 5 VIP tickets
4th place: 1 free room + 1 free ticket
5th place: 1/2 hour massage + 1 free ticket

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