REVIEW: Giant party with Liveshows of the popular erotic stars Arisonna, Marc Aurel and Lilli Vanilli

REVIEW: Giant party with Liveshows of the popular erotic stars Arisonna, Marc Aurel and Lilli Vanilli


Friends of the naturist Monte Carlo,

this month is something very special because we want to celebrate with you.

Sure, we’ve been doing this quite often, but this time it’s different. Once a year, it is very special. Relaxing, erotic and still full of action because we are just us and always offer you the whole and not only the half.

If this is surprising, because it is too early, we make it clear that it is not about Christmas, but about our birthday. It is an odd – the seventh – and yet we celebrate him no less wild than a round.

There are horny (for one or the other of you well-known) congratulations, which (every time anew) with a lupenreine Liveshow program convince. The club is rocking a masculine bursting with man-power, the lascivious Lilli Vanilli and a male bodily mobilizing Arisonna. This can hardly be beat with attractiveness, so we do not try it at all – after all, all good things are three and those above are particularly plump.

The barometer for horny eroticism is long over the top, so we boost the mood with a mega raffle, which also promises nothing but mega prices:

1st place: 777 euros in cash
2nd place: 4 tickets for the New Year’s Eve party at Flamingo Island
3rd place: 1 iWatch + 2 VIP cards
4th place: 2 tickets for the New Year’s Eve party at Pirates Park
5th place: 6 VIP cards
6. Place: 1 bottle of Vodka or Jacky + 2 VIP cards
7. Place: 1/2 hour massage + 1 VIP card

And – hey: It is our seventh birthday, even if you should not win, you have won, because you take part in a totally crazy party, experience totally crazy stories and have with us the most exhilarating experiences ever in you one thousand years in a distant future. It does not matter whether you still exist physically or bats the babes as a bot with bytes – these impressions remain unforgettable, because even time may be a good thing!

With which we arrived at the buffet – a particularly large and tasty. There is also a birthday cake and the sect reception, which is almost obligatory for an event like our birthday party – pure skin, good hunger, you will get it. There is something for every taste and there is plenty of everything. If you like something, you can just get it – our birthday guests, who are very well-dressed female guests, have not the slightest objection.

Now we could say: “Whoever has the choice, but also the agony.” We answer: Let yourself be satisfied, feel like you are in the Schlaraffenland! We are celebrating on 18.11. the seven, and that is your lucky day. Get him for only 49 Euro entrance (no VIP and free tickets valid). On the occasion of the anniversary, we will present a gift for every guest – a free ticket which can be used for the FKK Point, the Flamingo Island, the FKK Club Pirates Park and, of course, the Monte Carlo.

Now you have almost done it – you have everything covered – now you just have to check in to cover you with this crazy pleasure.

We look forward to seeing you
Your team at Monte Carlo

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