Prices and services

Prices and services


The day ticket: A regular ticket for the FKK Club Monte Carlo costs 39 euros.

The Tryout ticket: For 25 Euros you can stay for 2 hours in the club, enjoy all the amenities. Ideal for guests with little time in their luggage.

NOW NEW: Direct Ticket 19 Euros.

Birthday Special: If you bring 8 more persons on your birthday, you pay only 29 Euro per person. The birthday child gets free admission.

Sky Sportsbar: Live Sport via Sky – in HD and in large format. This means not to miss any important sports events, because in the Monte Carlo they are all transferred!



Guests will receive freshly disinfected bathing shoes, saunatowels, a bathrobe and a key to a spacious dressing room.

The admission price entitles you to an unlimited stay as part of the daily opening hours. Sauna, jacuzzi & outdoor pool can be used as often and as long as it is popular. In addition, you can serve yourself at a full-day buffet and also receives soft drinks and hot drinks.

Please note that free tickets and reductions are never combinable and are not valid at events.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 0178-7201910. The team will be happy to provide detailed information at any time.


The female guests of the club work independently and on their own account. The type and scope of the service is determined by each lady herself.

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