Saturday, November 23, 2019: 9 years Monte Carlo

Saturday, November 23, 2019: 9 years Monte Carlo


Loyal friends of the naturist sauna club Monte Carlo,
are you really ready for so much party ?!

YES! Since we are sure, because we know you and this party is for you – so you look forward, because we let it crack: A colorful program with great performances of erotic stars Jolee Love, Blanche and Mark Aurel is waiting for you!

These are liveacts, Lesboshows and erotic without end – to join great for the palate. Culinary we hit this time really on the, er, cake. There is such a jubilee namely – but not only that: We also serve you a mega birthday buffet, grilling delicious lamb and suckling pig on a spit and prepare you an exclusive champagne reception.

Big is this year also our raffle, which has a lot of great prizes to give:

1st place: 999 euros in cash
2nd place: 1 flat TV
3rd place: 6 New Year’s Eve tickets for FKK Flamingo Island
4th place: 1 smartphone
5th place: 1 Smart Watch
6th place: 1 bottle of Jacky or Vodka
7th place: 2 VIP tickets for FKK Monte Carlo
8th place: 1/2 hour free massage + 1 VIP card
9th place: 1 free room

And should you not be one of the lucky winners, then this is really no cause for sadness, because for every nine years of loyalty every guest gets a fuel voucher from us – so you will never go blank – what you get from attending this party With its many features and attractive advantages in terms of noble location and endgeile people can not claim anyway!

So do not miss this all-round successful date, if you want to celebrate great, eat delicious and experience eroticism and relaxation on an exclusive level – because you get guaranteed in the form guaranteed only with us!

The entry for so much pleasure is only 49 euros. VIP or free tickets available on 23.11. not valid, but can be used as usual before and after the anniversary event.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your team of the Monte Carlo

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